Property Investment & Rentals

We are a real estate property consultancy with a highly experienced sales, rentals and property management department. We act for individuals or investors seeking to purchase or rent Dubai real estate.

Investment & Rentals

We specialise in the purchase and rental of property for individuals and investors in Dubai.

Our private network and exhaustive local knowledge provides us access to a wide range of properties including off-plan properties and distressed sales before they come onto the market. We know about properties before any other agents and before they come onto the market and those that will never reach the market and be sold as soon as the come available.

Our service is not just about introducing you to real estate opportunities but also to advise you on the best possible purchase or rental price and to acquire the property on the best possible terms. We ensure that you are fully aware about other opportunities and market pricing in order that you can secure the property at the best possible price armed with all the information to help you make decisions with our unbiased advice.

Once a property has been identified, we use our extensive understanding of the market to invest your funds as wisely as possible using our professional negotiating skills to ensure that we secure you the property at the best possible price and on the most favourable terms.

Property Management

Our highly efficient and experienced property management department manages all aspects of your rental property so you do not have to manage any of the day to day running of the property. We have a 24/7 call-out policy and are up to date and fully compliant with all laws and legislation changes in property management according to both RERA and Ejari. Furthermore, our competitive pricing allows you to enjoy the return on your investment without any of the hassle of managing it.


Fynders is a real estate investment and rental firm that specialises in the supply of properties before they come to the market.

The very best off-plan sales and distressed sales often do not go to mass market and will sell before they even come to the market given the excellent value they represented in comparision to market prices.

Fynders was established in London in 2004 by Nadia Iqbal whilst studying an MPhil at Oxford University. Her long-standing passion for real estate and background in research provided the ingredients for success in the relatively unexplored field of property search.

Utilising a network of international contacts, Nadia developed a reputation for introducing off-market opportunities to buyers and for introducing serious buyers to prime properties.

In turn, when a unique opportunity presented itself, Fynders became the first port of call for professionals in the property industry. To date, when a property is about to come onto the market or when there are other completely off-market opportunities, Fynders is informed about them before any other agents.

With a strong client base from the Middle East and a contact list of European investors wishing to invest in Dubai real estate, Fynders opened a Dubai office in 2019.

Stop searching… Start fynding.


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